Bay Area Science Festival - November 11, 2017

  • Bay Area Science Festival ( is the largest STEM festival in bay area with ~30,000 people attending in single day @ AT&T Park in city of San Francisco, California, US.
  • We had our booth in BASF in November - in Club level C42, C43 location.
  • Large crowd showed interest in our characters - Aata, Baata and Ciabatta. 
  • See video below based on our booth and feedback from the visitors.


  • Picture of our booth below.

  • We had a water cycle quiz for kids. Kids spun the fortune wheel and were asked a fun question on water cycle. We helped them with answer if they didn't know. Every kid got a small give-away toy or a coloring sheet. We had about 400 kids visit our booth and participate in the water cycle quiz. Some pics below show the action at our booth.

  • Some kids colored the pages at the booth, few good ones below.